About Us

Crafting Excellence, Driving Perfection.

At Van der Wiel Saddlery, our story begins in the quaint Belgian village of Achel, where founder Adriaan van der Wiel instilled a philosophy of ‘passion as profession’ into our family business. Today, his sons Henk and Kees carry on this tradition with dedication and skill.

With a love for good driving horses and quality harnesses at our core, we’ve become a global leader in harness-making. Our products, crafted from the finest materials like English leather, are trusted by top drivers in international competitions, as well as by leisure drivers and European nobility.

Led by Henk’s innovative ideas and Kees’s meticulous craftsmanship, our workshop in Achel is where innovation meets tradition. From functional training harnesses to exquisite gala designs, we cater to every need with a commitment to excellence.

At Van der Wiel, we’re more than just harness-makers—we’re custodians of a legacy built on passion and quality. Welcome to our world of driving excellence.